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Ways to find and maintain mental health - meet new year 2021

Ways to find and maintain mental health - meet new year 2021

Some use antidepressants, some do sports, listen to music. I cling to knowledge in the dark days of my soul! In this peaceful and hopeful period of the country, I recommend it to everyone!

Antidepressant use in our country has increased by 160 percent in the last nine years! When looking at the rate of psychological disorders that require professional help, doctors give a number like one in five. The most common these days are depression and panic disorders.

If we add the recent "bright, spacious and peaceful" landscape of the country to the picture, the goats are running away, dear readers!

I am a common man who can be considered strong in general, who has lived his life and relationships without antidepressant and psychologist support. Even if I work excessively, I die of exhaustion, I sleep and walk happily. My serotonin is in place. I thank, I forgive, I leave it to fate. I do not have a habit of raising my voice, I feel emotional and cry every forty years, I laugh a lot, I have no phobia.

But in recent months, even I have darkened! My hopes for the future have decreased. And I decided to research, inquire and investigate the spouse and friend, combine what I learned with my own experiences, and list the ways to get out of the depression that affected us all.


Playing sports sounds good. They say, "Looking good both boosts morale and sport releases serotonin into the body." I haven't tried it yet!

Friends who devoted themselves to meditation told that it was a great relief and it felt like sleeping a few more hours a day. I laughed sarcastically, but now I'm writing seriously.

Sociality is one of our medicines. I also confirmed from the doctors, keeping your wife, friend, family close and being open mouth is a soul saver.

They say it's helpful to keep yourself busy. Knit, help the neighbor paint the house, finish a book a week, walk three kilometers a day and shop for supplies, anyway ... But setting a beneficial goal and working towards that goal prevented the weed bug in the head.

Believing a little bit of fate, saying "God knows", "Good", and letting it flow reduce the stress. This is one of the common implications of research on happiness.

Music is an intangible spirit medicine. "Start the day with a music that elevates you, you will see the difference" said friends who overcome depression!

Now we come to my antidepressant: Knowledge!

In my most depressed moment, let me watch a documentary and my life becomes meaningful. Concentrating on a different subject, 'very important' daily

To understand the insignificance of my life in the world, to see that there are so many places to go, millions of people and lives to discover, it feels like a serotonin injection!

At this point I should mention Khan Academy. This is a delightful learning platform for children and young people, but essentially for everyone. A great internet school, from mathematics to art history, economy to health, with joyful drawing, photography and narration.

This is a foundation that aims for better education. My old friend from the university and his team founded by translating the lessons into Turkish with the help of many volunteer people and organizations. A great way for students, from first grade to twelfth grade, to have fun learning at their own time and rhythm. It is a great opportunity for children who cannot get education, boil occasionally in crowded classrooms and / or cannot help their families with their homework.

It is one of the resources that the Ministry of National Education will use in the new tablet system. Take a look at it. One on one with your depression, both in terms of eliminating the obligation to come home to help your little one's lessons and learning the subjects that interest you with pleasure! For example, I got stuck in art history lessons and could not quit again.

Likewise, Ted Talks is one of my head break methods. If you want to watch entertaining talks of up to 18 minutes, full of brand new findings and ideas on every subject that comes to mind from stage fright to why diets do not work, the right address. Some Turkish volunteers have translated speeches made by thousands of interesting people into Turkish. You can access it with subtitles at www.ted.com/translate/tr.

Even if the science is in China, you will go and get it, but now it is in your house! Dear reader, take a step back from the country's dark agenda and the troubles of daily life and look at life from afar.

Maybe the satellite picture is not that depressing!

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