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Beauty is about taking care of both inside and outside - meet new year 2021

Beauty is about taking care of both inside and outside – meet new year 2021

Whether in the past or present, it is natural for women to love beauty. With the rapid changes in science and technology, coupled with the aging population trend in society, people pay more attention to and take care of anti-aging and external appearance.

From cleaning to maintenance, Taiwan's beauty and cosmetics market is roughly estimated at about 60 billion yuan. In addition, the global medical beauty market is growing rapidly. In Taiwan, the annual output value is about 40 billion yuan.

External cleaning and maintenance should choose natural, mild, and good moisturizing products. You should pay more attention to sun protection when you go out to reduce the melanin precipitation and skin aging caused by long-term ultraviolet radiation. Inner maintenance needs to start with diet, lifestyle, exercise... etc.

How to create a good complexion from the body

1. Sufficient nutritional intake:

Ingestion of fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamin C can help collagen synthesis, and vitamin A can protect the integrity of the skin. In addition, enough antioxidants (such as: vitamin C, E, anthocyanins... etc.) can scavenge free radicals in the body, because free radicals can easily cause skin aging and wrinkles.

2. Reduce the intake of fried and refined and processed foods:

Exquisite foods or foods with high sugar content can cause blood sugar to rise quickly, which can easily cause skin acne, wrinkles and acne. In addition to high-fat foods such as fried and barbecued foods, which are high in free radicals, too much fat can easily cause inflammation of the body and stimulate skin inflammation.

3. Sufficient water intake:

Daily intake of 2000-2500c.c of water can maintain the body's normal metabolism, help liver and kidney metabolism and detoxification, expel toxic substances in the body, and improve skin complexion.

4. Get enough sleep and avoid staying up late:

Staying up late and lack of sleep can easily cause hormones and nerve disorders in the body, causing dry skin, poor elasticity, prone to acne, acne, dark spots and other problems.

5. Appropriate exercise:

We all know the benefits of exercise for cardiovascular, but rarely mentioned that exercise is good for our skin. Proper exercise and sweating can take away the dirt in the skin epidermis and pores, as well as the nitrogenous waste produced by the body's metabolism. However, you need to clean your skin after exercise to prevent sweat and skin oil from clogging your pores and causing skin problems.

6. Anti-inflammatory:

Skin and mucous membrane tissues are the first line of defense of the immune system. Prolonged inflammation in the body will not only lead to reduced immunity, disease, and even skin infection or itching. Like pineapple enzyme, turmeric, omega-3 fatty acids... all have good anti-inflammatory ability. In addition, appropriate supplementation of probiotics maintains healthy intestinal function, helps defecation, promotes the discharge of harmful substances in the body, and maintains the complexion of the skin.

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