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Bateaux Dubai New Year's Eve Cruise

Bateaux Dubai New Year's Eve Cruise

Bateaux Dubai New Year's Eve Cruise

Welcome to the New Year from the roaring 2021s. Recalling the old era, celebrating the new era with the charm, prosperity and artistic genius of this era, the stylish cruise ship on board is full of the beauty of old and new Dubai.

When you visit Dubai Bateaux New Year, you will be immersed in the center of Dubai's incredible celebrations. Ride the fireworks of Dubai Creek and admire the vitality of the city. You can enjoy an eight-course à la carte dinner, unlimited drinks, live entertainment and a free glass of bubble wine.

This is the general itinerary for this product

Location: JA Bateaux Dubai, Kuwait, Dubai United Arab Emirates

JA Bateaux Dubai is parked on the Bur Dubai side of Dubai Creek in Al Seef, next to Al Seef Street, opposite the Kuwaiti Consulate, and behind the Bateaux Dubai retail store

Passing by: Dubai Courts 1, Umm Hurair 2-Dubai-United Arab Emirates

The judicial courts in the UAE include the Court of First Instance, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. The courts of first instance include the civil court that hears all civil claims, the criminal court that handles complaints originating from the police, and the Sharia court that is responsible for affairs between Muslims. The Supreme Court is the highest court of the UAE.

Passing by: Floating Bridge, Dubai-United Arab Emirates

The six-lane pontoon was opened on July 16, 2007 and was completed in less than 10 months to help ease traffic flow. The bridge is 365 meters long and 22 meters wide, and can accommodate 6,000 vehicles per hour. It is open every day from 6 am to 10 pm and allows ships to pass during non-working hours.

Passing point: Deira Clock Tower, Al Maktoum Road Intersection of D89 and Umm Hurrair Rd, Dubai United Arab Emirates

The Clock Tower is one of the oldest witnesses of changes in Dubai. It was built around 1963 to commemorate the country's first oil exports. It is located at the roundabout at the top of the underpass, and it remains an important landmark when residents give directions to the area. The structure was refurbished in 1972, and four clock faces were replaced in 2008, eliminating the need to manually change the clock hands.

Passing by: Dhow Wharfage, 90 Baniyas Rd, Al Buteen-Dubai-United Arab Emirates

Since ancient times, many dhows and boats have been the livelihood tools of local residents in the area, making the area intact since Dubai was born on the early trading day.

Passing by: Dubai Chamber Of Commerce & Industry, Dubai-United Arab Emirates

The headquarters of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is located in this 91-meter-high building, which was the seventh tallest building in Dubai when it was completed in 1995.

The 125-meter-high building was built in 1998 and was inspired by the curved hull of a traditional dhow on the Dubai Creek.

In terms of assets, the UAE NBD headquarters is the largest banking group in the Middle East. The group was established in 2007 when the Emirates International Bank merged with Dubai National Bank.

Passing by: Etisalat Tower 1-DeiraRiggat Al Buteen-Dubai-United Arab Emirates

This very unique building has a large sphere at the top, which can sometimes be compared to a giant golf ball. It was completed in 1992 and is 100 meters high. Inside is the headquarters of Etisalat, one of the Etisalat providers. In 2012, Forbes magazine named Etisalat in the Middle East as the most powerful company in the UAE.

Passing point: Deira Twin Towers, 37a Baniyas Rd-DeiraAl Rigga-Dubai-United Arab Emirates

These two 102-meter-high buildings are sometimes called Rolex Towers, It was completed in 1998. These include shopping centers, restaurants, residential areas and offices.

Location: Dubai Gold Souk, Old Baladiya St., Dubai United Arab Emirates

Some people suggest that there are more than 10 tons of gold in this open-air market at any time,

Or the traditional market. Hundreds of shops buy and sell jewelry here. Dubai’s free trade policy encouraged Indian and Iranian entrepreneurs to open shops in open-air markets, which stimulated the growth of the gold trade in the 1940s and continues to this day.

Passing location: Dubai Spice Souk, Sikkat Al Khail Road Al Ras, Dubai 75157 United Arab Emirates

The narrow paths of this traditional open-air market (or market) are lined with open air and

Closed stalls selling perfumes, spices, frankincense, incense and herbs. Walking through the fragrant open-air market is a sensory journey, where textiles, carpets and handicrafts are also sold.

Passing location: The Dubai Heritage Village, Entrance of the Dubai Creek, Dubai United Arab Emirates

This village in the Sindagha historical and cultural district, founded in 1997, shows the traditional life of the UAE during the pearl diving era. Artisans sell handicrafts

In the characteristic barasti house, and there are some displays depicting the scene at the time.

Passing by: House of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, Dubai-Al Fahidi-Dubai-United Arab Emirates

This classic and beautifully restored historical building was originally built in Shindagha in 1894 when it was the seat of Johor Bahru.

Al Maktoum family. Sheikh Saeed Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum (Sheikh Saeed Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum) was the ruler of Dubai from 1912 to 1958. Today, this house is a museum, which stores artifacts, ancient coins, stamps and images of the ancient city of Dubai.

Passing location: Dubai Museum & Al Fahidi Fort, Al Fahidi area, Dubai United Arab Emirates

The museum is located in the oldest surviving building in Dubai-Al Fahidi Fort (Al Fahidi Fort), which was built in 1787. The museum was opened in 1971. The museum exhibits a wide range of traditional life in Dubai, as well as diorama and local cultural relics.

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