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A beautiful women is a healthy women - meet new year 2021

A beautiful woman is a healthy woman – meet new year 2021

What kind of woman is the most beautiful? In my opinion, healthy women are undoubtedly the most beautiful. In fact, the beauty of women's health, and women's true love for themselves, often begins with the body. According to incomplete statistics, more than 90% of women in my country have premature aging; more than 80% of women have fatigue syndrome; more than 70% of women are troubled by gray hair and hair loss; more than 60% of women suffer from insomnia Dream; the most important thing is that nearly 90% of women suffer from various degrees of female problems.

If you don’t believe me, I’m very sorry to tell you that this is your real thing, and what is even more disturbing is that this is only the data from the previous few years showing that this data is already quite conservative. Until today, the data has not fallen, but has been rising. The current health status of women is worrying.

In the past decade, cancer has always been the number one death list. The latest resources show that at least one person gets cancer every 10 minutes, and 1 out of 4 people die of cancer. Among so many cancers, in addition to liver cancer, lung cancer, and stomach cancer, which remain the top, the third and fastest rising cancer is the problematic cancer of women. Known as the three major female killers in the 21st century!

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five internal organs are blocked by blood stasis, which accumulates for a long time to accumulate toxins and the source of all diseases is to accumulate toxins the accumulation of toxins causes the internal organs to become diseased and cancerous, and the loss of the internal organs is life threatening. Over the years, your body has accumulated a lot of toxins. According to the survey of the World Nutrition Society, there are at least 6 to 15 kilograms of poison in the body of a normal adult! These toxins are distributed in our body's internal organs and their meridians!

In fact, most women’s problems are caused by bacterial infections. Jinmi lover has a significant anti-inflammatory and sterilization effect, and it is aimed at superficial women’s problems. Some athletes with athlete's foot will not itch after a while, showing its sterilization effect.

The other is to discharge garbage toxins from the reproductive system: what we call lochia during pregnancy, sperm during intercourse, is garbage after death. The residual menstrual blood during menstruation will turn into toxins through body temperature and moderate vaporization, and will hang on the face through blood circulation throughout the body, which is what we call Huanglian Po.

The hot summer has arrived, let’s be a beautiful woman and a healthy woman together....

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