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Why is the New Year celebration such an important tradition in Chinese culture?

Why is the New Year celebration such an important tradition in Chinese culture?

Why is the New Year celebration such an important tradition in Chinese culture?

Since 3800 years ago. Chinese New Year is becoming one of the special events in not only china but also in the world. While others celebrate New Year on 1st of January Chinese wait a little longer their celebrations typically start on late January to early February. In this special day all schools and other working organizations were closed. And people celebrate this day with their families.

In 1800 when Chinese immigrants came to USA they face so much criticism from different communities especially from politicians of the country because they blame them for keeping low wages level. So to change the people mindset Chinese people who live in San Francisco decided to celebrate New Year and threw a New Year parade and show people positive side of their culture. And expectedly people totally change their mindset about Chinese in a positive manner and now every year the parade is still being thrown and not only on USA but also in UK, Canada, and other countries.

But if you are a foreigner and go to china to see their New Year celebration. I am telling you will be disappointed to see roads and almost empty because there is a big difference between celebrating in china and outside china. Because in china people usually celebrate their new year in two ways. Whether they go villages to meet and celebrate with their or they go for ride.

Here I want to mention one thing you all notice that in their celebrations red color used so much that is because Chinese believe red color is the symbol of bravery and also symbolizes bright and happiness future. According to Chinese folk stories it is a very important color for Chinese people. They display in their houses to keep monsters away that would visit there every year.

People clean their houses and their surroundings where they live before the start of New Year because the word dust in Chinese is homophone for old. So they clean their houses to drive away the bad luck of previous year to start New Year.

At 12am fireworks set of to drive away the evil and celebrate the New Year. Chinese think that whoever set of the first firework will have good luck.

Chinese go to the market and purchase food, fireworks, red packets, and art before the start of New Year. Some markets will carry flowers specially orchids and peonies since those are considered auspicious.

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