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What Are The Best Corporate Gifts For Employees For This New Year 2021?

 What are The Best Corporate Gifts For Employees for This New Year 2021?

New Year Festival is interesting and unusual part of this holiday, the basic purpose of this holiday to celebrate New Year event and exchange beautiful gifts with family and close friends. Is anything more natural than buying a gift for your friends and family as well as your coworkers basically the friendly team is the second family of any organization. And every member of this family wants to give at least a small piece of a New Year's miracle.

Most beautiful gifts that you employees really appreciate in New Year 2021

  • Expensive Digital Accessories

Expensive digital accessories will be a great gift for your team workers. You can give him as a gift like credit card holder, leather diary, business card holder, and expensive office supplies. You can also gift eye-catchy mobile phones or, computer accessories.

  • Jewelry

Jewelry box and crossbows are great gifts for business men/women. If your partner is a woman, it is better to give them attractive jewelry box or any other gold jewelry and also to give up beautiul gold chains, rings with precious stones, or bracelets.

  • Zotter Chocolate Gift Pack

The Zotter Schokolade is the Austrian chocolate manufacturer company and offers flavors that cannot be found anywhere else. Caramel Pineapple, Brazil Nut Pepper or Pink Coconut with fish gum - if you want to cause a taste explosion for your employees, you've come to the right place and buy it.

  • Mini Desk Fan

Mini Desk Fan for the open plan office, which blows important paper documents from the desk, it might be a size smaller. Mini fans are now available from a several number of manufacturers and be ensure that your employees/coworkers do not overheat.

  • Digital Headphones Set

Digital Headphones, headphones set is important for communication usage with busy schedule. If communication is not always necessary in your office, you can also give reward your colleagues with stylish headphones. The best work often happens when thinkers and brooders with music on your ears, ideas may come even faster.

  • Full Focus Planner Notebook

The best specious notebook is Michael Hyatt ingenious notebook is currently very much in vogue and has already helped many employees and students to be more productive and successful.

  • Cast Brain Teaser Puzzle from Hanayama

The legendary puzzle games made of metal that is made by Hanayama. As soon as you hold one of the metal puzzles in your hands, you can't stop. There are total six difficulty of levels: Fun, Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert and Grand Master. Which doesn’t reduce the fun in the least.

  •  Escape Room for Adults Age

Escape Room Puzzle fun is also available in a larger form this is give your colleagues and coworkers vouchers or tickets for an escape room! Such adventure spaces now exist in most German cities.

  • Weleda Set Face Care Bundle

Face Care Set is one of the best gifts for you males and female employees. your boss or as a boss, you can hardly go wrong by pampering your female - and perhaps also your male and workforce with cosmetics.

  • Vinyl (Phonograph record)

Vinyl (Phonograph record) This is sound storage system. If you know that one of your employees is collecting LPs, surprise them with a record. Music lovers are especially happy about it. However, in this case, as the boss, you have to know your employee and their tastes very well.

Many times corporate gifts become another thing at home or at the office: give useful and original things

Marketing does not stop evolving. It is a world in constant change in which advances occur at the speed of light thanks, to a large extent, to technology and the digital transformation that we are experiencing, in addition to the rise of social networks and the internet. But one thing that does not change, that remains immobile in time, at least in its most generic facet, are the marketing gifts that companies give to employees and customers.

Corporate gifts have been around for a long time but have been changing in form. From pens, keychains or caps we have moved on to USB memories, portable chargers and thermal water bottles. In other words, progress has been made not only in terms of technology but also in terms of the usability of objects.

So that your business and corporate gifts are no longer useless junk, here are several ideal gift ideas for both customers and employees.

1. USB stick: Who doesn't need a USB stick at work. It is the typical object to which we do not give importance but when it is needed it is usually missed. How many pen drives do we lose in a year? That means that giving away a USB memory will always be valued and of great use to both customers and workers.

2. Portable charger: In the same technological line, a portable charger can get us out of more than one trouble. It is true that many of us already have one of our own but that does not mean that any day we can forget it or that we carry it without carrying it. Therefore, a portable charger is very useful. In addition, contact chargers have now become fashionable, which do not need a cable and are tremendously practical.

3. Fit bracelet: If exercise and sports are in fashion, gadgets that measure steps, kilometers, heart rate, calories, are a trend among the general population. So giving your customers and employees a fit bracelet will make them smile and it is certainly not a junk to keep or dispose of.

4. Speaker: Also fashionable, the speakers can give you an extra point. For home, for work, for the shower, it is always good to have a background music and, therefore, giving it as a gift can be something appreciated by customers and employees.

5. Anti-stress articles: And if sport is in fashion, relaxation is no less. Stress has become one of the great problems of society and, therefore, giving away all kinds of relaxation gadgets can be a great success. Here we can talk about anti-stress balls, a dice, a massager, some balls ... Whatever it takes to alleviate that day-to-day anxiety.

6. Bottles: Thinking about the day-to-day in the office or at the workplace, giving a bottle of cold water, the kind that keep the temperature, will be highly valued by customers and workers. Of course, it is very useful for them and, in addition, it adds a sustainable component since fewer plastic bottles will be used.

7. Cups or thermos: Coffee or tea are still the queen of office drinks. For this reason, cups or thermos are always well received and provide great utility. They conserve heat, they are safe and, in addition, they avoid the excessive use of plastic, cardboard or paper in favor of recycling. Also, aesthetically, your company logo will look great on a nice mug.

8. Agenda: We are not talking about the traditional blank page notebook, no. We are talking about an agenda, with its months, with its days of the week, with its compartments, with its calendar ... great functionality! Especially in offices, having an agenda is vital to organize our activity in the short, medium and long term, so giving it away will be a differential factor.

9. Calendar: Similarly, a calendar will also be very useful to organize time and days. Whether it is wall or table, the recipient of the gift will be grateful and, surely, the calendar will be useful.

10. Backpack or briefcase: Similarly, a backpack or briefcase for the laptop or tablet is very useful. All workers need to bring things to the office, be it electronic devices, extra clothes, food ... So a backpack, bag or briefcase will be very practical.

11. Plants: A cactus or a small plant is a highly original corporate gift that will serve not only to decorate the workspace but also to improve the responsibility and perseverance of the employee to whom the gift is addressed. The fact of having to take care of it day by day will grant an improvement in certain 'soft skills' of the worker.

12. A gift for the employee of the month: More intended for workers than clients, giving the best employee of the month or of the week a spa, a dinner, an experience or a weekend will be highly valued. An extra motivation for the day-to-day and an emotional salary benefit that will give you great advantages in terms of employee happiness, talent recruitment and retention.

13. Wine bottle: Wine is also in fashion. Whether it is a red, a white, a sparkling ... Who doesn't like being given a bottle? And even more so in these Christmas and festive times when uncorking a bottle with a client or a friend is a great detail. Well, even more so if a company gives it to us as a company gift.

14. Christmas basket: Giving a Christmas basket or a set of gourmet products will be highly valued at Christmas time. It is clear that it is very useful, to take advantage of both the holidays and the days before and after the holiday and even in the company itself as an aperitif. In fact, they have become the most anticipated and valued incentive for employees and customers.

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