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Traditional Clothing for Chinese New Year 2021 – Outfit Ideas

 Traditional Clothing for Chinese New Year 2021 & Outfit Ideas

Traditional Clothing for Chinese New Year 2021 & Outfit Ideas

In China, Chinese New Year is the most important holiday for Chinese people, and they always go home and spend the New Year festival with their family members. Traditional clothing for Chinese New Year every one would show off their new clothing and they visited friends on New Year’s Day.

The Chinese New Year, also known in China as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is the most important traditional holiday of the Chinese calendar year, on the new year's day the rites are: to pay homage to the ancestors, to venerate the gods ; the younger members of the family pay their respects to the older ones still living.

People prepare and greet the new year in new dresses and visit friends, neighbors and relatives to exchange good wishes for kung-hsi fa-tsai, which means "congratulations and prosperity"; It is a time for reconciliation, where past grudges are put aside and the new year is welcomed in reconciliation and joy with family and friends.

During this period, the greatest human migration occurs, millions of people travel to their place of origin to celebrate this festival with their family.

This celebration has a long history that comes from the offerings, "La Ji", to gods and ancestors from the Western Zhou dynasty (1066-771 BC), which makes it a celebration with a history of thousands of years.

Chinese New Year's Day is the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar not the solar calendar, therefore the dates of the Chinese New Year vary each year and could fall in late January or early February.

The Spring Festival is the grandest of the traditional festivals. It is not only the first day of the first lunar month, but a series of activities starting from the twelfth lunar month to the Lantern Festival. Because of the long history and superimposed culture, there are customs related to ghosts and gods, farming time, ancestors, and family. I am afraid that even a few books can't be finished.

But as superficial as I am, there are actually only three things I care about most: eating, wearing, and playing. Wearing is the buy new clothes for the New Year many people are familiar with. However, due to the development of the clothing industry, new clothes are no longer a rarity, so people turn to the Spring Festival as a display of traditional clothes. So, let's talk about how the ancients wore them. What enlightenment does it have for us?

Wearing new clothes for the New Year is a bit boring if you start from the history. It's nothing more than from the "Older and Younger Clothes" in "Jing Chu Sui Shi Ji", Liu Yuxi's "Children's Colorful Clothes" to "Tokyo Meng Hua Lu" "The poor but the poor also need new clothes" and "Dream "Liang Lu" "Men and women are also fresh clothes", continue to count down to the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China records. Anyway, how rich people wear new clothes, you can imagine.

New Year's Eve is one of the most important festivals in Chinese region and Chinese celebrate as a traditional festival. Refers to the midnight of the last day of year, that is, the night before the Spring Festival. Because it is often on the 30th or 29th of the twelfth lunar month of the summer calendar, it is also called the 30 of the year. The first day of the New Year is called New Year Eve.

New Year's Eve originated from a kind of "elimination" activity in the pre-Qin period of China. The earliest mention of the name "New Year's Eve" was in historical books such as "Feng Tu Ji" written by Zhou Chu in the Western Jin Dynasty.

Cheongsam Design

The Cheongsam design is usually most important and significant for the traditional Chinese history and cultural. Cheongsam term refer wo women’s and it means “long shirt dress”.

Cheongsam Design

In order to study cheongsam is traditional costumes, and they will also take these costumes to the exhibition. Therefore, they can see the presentation of traditional techniques in the cheongsam they designed, fused with modern clothing styles.

Tang Dress

Tang suit Compared to buying Cheongsams for itself, maybe more mothers are more inclined to dress their children in Chinese style because the appearance of child wearing a Chinese costume will make people look more beautiful for New Year.

Tang Dress

Tang suit is s basically jacket and combination of men ridding jackets. This suit design is very similar with Chinese martial art. Tang suit is a unique Chinese children's clothing brand, which has traditional Chinese elements.

On this day, the whole family had a "reunion dinner" called New Year's Eve dinner, which was like a family reunion. When eating a New Year Eve dinner, the fish on the table cannot be moved, because this fish represents wealth and blessings, greetings every year and symbolizes the wealth and luck of the coming year. It is a kind of decoration and cannot be touched.

The New Year's Eve is when the elders and any family member, close friend send out New Year Money after dinner. Then post the Spring Festival couplets and the door god, and close the door. Door was opened to accept the God of Wealth on the morning of the New Year first day. The next step is for the whole family to watch the year until the wee hours.

In all time the Chinese red color is always considering the popular color of the Chinese New Year. After the Visiting Chinese Style clothing and brands stores, and store keeper presented the following to watch clothes at the Spring Festival Party. In the Spring Festival let’s surprise the circle of friends with the amazing, light shine and charming Chinese style.

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