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Happy New Year 2021 | New York Celebration 2021

 Happy New Year 2021 | New York Celebration 2021

You are lucky if you going to ring in the New Year 2021 in New York City. The Happy New Year’s Eve in New York is one of the most iconic New Year celebration in the world.

In this guide we will tell you what to do in New York City at the end of the year, and some tips to make the most beautiful event of the night.

If your idea is to ring in the New Year 2021 by dinning at one of the hundreds of restaurants in New York City. A good platform to visit and reserve restaurants in New York City.

Times Square is one of best and most beautiful place of New Year celebration, but it is not the only place where people congregate to welcome the New Year in the Big Apple.

In the midnight the fireworks explode over the New your City this moment is very special in the Big Apple they are only allowed at certain times of the year.  

New Year parties in Times Square, huge amount of parties in Times Square to celebrate the New Year 2021 after the Ball Drop Event.

If you want to be part of this celebration parties of New York tradition, take into account the crowds, you must arrive very early to be located between coverage of the New Year Event.

Otherwise you want to attend and celebrate parties with close friends, check the official website of Times Square where they publish the list of parties.

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the best place of New York. Fireworks form the Brooklyn Bridge, another idea is to see them is form Brooklyn Bridge, they have to arrive early time and to be located to withstand the cool and wind.


On December 31, 1904, the owner of the New York Times organized a huge New Year's Eve party in honor of the new newspaper building on the square (hence its name, as we told you in the Times Square guide).

Since then, New Year's Eve in Times Square has become a phenomenon that is broadcast live around the world. The famous ball is a symbol: it rises at 6:00 p.m. and at 11:59 p.m.

On TV, the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop looks so much more spectacular, since you don't see the long hours of sub-zero waiting squeezed into the crowd!


Times Square is the epicenter of celebrations, but it is not the only place where people congregate to welcome the new year in the Big Apple.

At midnight, fireworks explode over the city, very special because in the Big Apple they are only allowed at certain times of the year, such as July 4.

Where can you see the New Year's Eve fireworks in New York? You have several options:

From a cruise (for a fee). There are several cruises that ply the East River starting at 9:00 pm and offer you the possibility to see the fireworks from the river. They include dinner and an open bar of drinks starting at about $ 200 per person. Here you can see some.

From Central Park (free). They are shot from the height of 72nd Street, but you can see them from any open place in the park, like the Bethesda Fountain. Lots of people gather there to coincide with the Midnight Run, a race that starts at midnight, so follow the crowd and you're sure to find a place with atmosphere from which to watch the fires explode.

In our guide to Central Park you have more information about the park.

From Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn (free). The favorite place for families and those looking for a fun but quiet plan is Grand Army Plaza, in Brooklyn, next to the great arch and the huge Prospect Park.

Brooklyn's bridge. Many people congregate on the Brooklyn Bridge (and along the water in the southern part of Brooklyn) to watch fireworks over Midtown and the southern part of the city from there.

How to Watch Ball Drop Event In Times Square – FREE

As the Ball Drop is a free ceremony for which tickets cannot be purchased, many take positions early in the afternoon to ensure they will see the ball drop.

If you are willing to arrive early, the places with the best visibility are Broadway (from 43rd to 50th Street) and 7th Avenue (to 59th Street). As the crowds arrive, the streets are closed to traffic and no one is allowed access.

The night is enlivened with concerts, shows and a festive atmosphere. The bad thing is that you have to arrive very early to reserve a place and, once there, you cannot leave the area without losing it.

There are no toilets or mobile food stalls, so it is best to eat before (and not drink a lot of liquids!).

And above all, bundle up a lot, a lot! You will have to wait many hours outside, and in December in New York the cold hits hard.


If budget is not a problem, a thousand times more comfortable option to celebrate New Year's Eve in New York without waiting several hours outside is to buy a ticket for one of the private parties that take place in the restaurants and hotels of Times Square that night.

For a price that can range from $ 200 to $ 1000, you can dine and dance without having to wait a long time.

Can you see the ball from restaurants and parties? In general, Times Square parties and restaurants do not guarantee that you will see the ball drop live.

Few buildings have views of the ball, and going outside is not an option either. When the streets fill up, the police close them down, and even if you wanted to leave the restaurant or party at midnight, they wouldn't let you stand on the street.

Even so, most parties have screens to follow the New Year’s Eve events live.

If a restaurant or hotel offers live views of the ball drop, it will be clearly announced on its website or on the ticket with a 'Live Ball Drop View' or similar (and the ticket will be much more expensive).

If the ball is not mentioned at any time at the time of purchase, you suspect that the entry will probably not offer views.

If watching the Ball Drop live is not a priority for you, a popular ticket is the Balldrop Pass or All Access Pass, a pass that for about $ 200 gives you access to various Times Square parties with free music, food and drink throughout the night.

But beware: on the Times Square website they warn that the police can close the streets and not let you move from one place to another, so it is better that you choose one or two parties that you like instead of trying to visit them all.

You can see all the private parties on the Times Square website and on the Balldrop website.

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