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Best Chinese Gifts Related To Chinese New Year 2021

 Best Chinese Gifts Related to Chinese New Year 2021

Most worth and high-quality New Year 2021 gifts the best way to congratulate New Year's greetings to each other.

Huge amount of people in all over the world start a new life every New Year, and most of Chinese are eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the New Year the Spring Festival. According to the Chinese historical calendar, the date of the Lunar New Year is different from that of the new year. Now In this article we will discuss to you, how to choose the gifts for Chinese friends, employees, and coworkers.

Although gifts during the New Year 2021 In order to maintain the good luck of the Chinese New Year, choosing gifts is very important. Chinese people are avoided four types of items, gifts to avoid like watches, pears, mirror, sandals, and white of black item.

  • Chinese New Year 2021 Seafood Basket

Special food, especially seafood, is closely related to the Chinese New Year Events. During the New Year, people gather to enjoy a variety of seafood recipes. Hong Kong give gifts and providing a variety of high quality dry and seafood gifts for families and close friends.

  • Chinese New Year 2021 Gift Basket

If you are looking for a gift for Chinese friends that can meet all your New Year gift requirements at once, then this gift basket is your first choice. Traditional New Year 2021 gift baskets usually include a variety of combinations of fresh fruits, dried seafood, Chinese New Year candies, chocolate, and red wine.

  • Chinese New Year 2021 Chocolate Gift Box

French style Chinese New Year 2021 desserts, Chinese New Year 2021 chocolate gift boxes and gift baskets. The chocolate gift boxes are packaged in red and gold, also the sign of wealth and good luck. These gift box is definitely the perfect gifts to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2021.

  • Kagura Rice Pass Gift Box Series

For the Chinese New Year 2021, the Kagurazaka Rice Cracker is one of best gift for your family friends and its contains Kagurazaka rice crackers, brown sugar rice crackers, seaweed rice crackers, black sesame rice crackers, coffee rice crackers and Camembert cheese rice crackers, and also includes flower and fruits for sharing with relatives and friends.

  • Four Seasons Hotel Hong-Kong Longview Chinese New Year 2021 Gift Box

The Chinese New Year gift box contains auspicious food, including the highly sought-after, sauce, as well as the valuable heads of South African dried abalone, and heads of flower maw, special-grade hair dishes, etc.

  • Chinese New Year 2021 Big Orange Candy Full Box

New Year gift box this year is based on citrus, referring to the Chinese pastry box, plus large size oranges which is very festive. The gift box contains many types of candies, namely, sweet lychee flavored, lotus shaped gummy, citrus gummy, dark chocolate candied orange peel, Pearls, rose shaped hard candy, Fuji Apple Caramels with black chocolate.

  • New Year's 2021 Mini Candy Treasure Box

Lunar New Year to replace the classic gift box with Chinese New Year packaging. There are 9 Chinese New Year candies in the New Year Mini Candy Treasure Box, which also includes three new year flavors.

  • Chines New Year 2021 Festive Gift Basket

French royal palace and high-level pastry brand, has a long history of more than 300 years. This New Year 2021 brings two festive gift baskets with various French hand-made sweets, Like French delicacies and festive gifts. The gift basket is based on the traditional red color.

Normally, for friends or acquaintances, tea or tobacco is usually given. In addition to these gifts for the New Year, we can find other more original ones such as.

Gifts for friends

A tea set: It is the perfect complement since the Chinese are great lovers of this traditional drink. Remember that it is always better to give a box with tea, not the typical bags.

Fruits: In addition to their inexpensive price, some fruits are considered to bring good luck, such as oranges. That is why a basket of oranges is considered a very good gift. Apples are also another good option, as they symbolize fortune and security. But don't think that these two options are the only ones! In China, you will find all kinds of fruit baskets ready to give away.

Household utensils: Especially if they have moved from home. From a tea set to a small appliance they can always come in handy.

Alcohol: It is one of the typical New Year gifts. If the person to whom the gift is intended likes to drink, a good wine will always be very popular. As well as: a Chinese liquor, yellow wine, fruity wine or beer.

Gifts for children

The most typical sweets: Candies are always a good option and that will fill you with happiness at the moment. You can always give them during the New Year celebrations and they are given to street children as well as to acquaintances.

The famous hongbao or red envelopes: It is always a good idea to give a little money. In addition, it is also often given to relatives and other acquaintances. About all this and how much money to give, you will find it in our post.

Toys: It is the easiest gift to get a child's attention. They will always be satisfied with a car if it is for a boy or a doll if it is for a girl.

School supplies: Whether it's a backpack of your favorite superhero, a dictionary or writing accessories. Books alone are also a very good gift.

Clothes: You can give clothes to the children of the closest friends of the family.

Gifts for grandparents and grandmothers

A good massage chair: Who wouldn't want to sit around watching TV while getting a massage? It is always very well received along with any other massager object.

Handmade pieces: From a beautiful painting to a porcelain figurine, although it will always depend on your hobbies.

Outerwear: As the date always falls during winter, it is best to give a hat, scarf or gloves. They are always a good accessory and very useful for those days. Also, this is a gift that you can also give to friends, in the end it is up to you.

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